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We believe in going the extra mile, beyond design and development, to make sure your business has a reliable growth partner.


We keep learning more about your business as we keep discovering the different ways in which your audiences behave in response to information technology advancement.

Big enough to scale, small enough to care

We are interested in the creation of long term value for your organization from customers, markets, relationships and organizational growth.


We are working towards being successful and also interested in your success.


simplifying procurement processes

eProc is Nigeria’s first & only indigenous growing e-Procurement solution. Currently available as Software as a Service (SaaS) & enables organizations to implement “Best Practice” procurement process in minutes rather than months.


Accountable & reliable procurement process

Monitor & track all procurement processes.

Enforcing compliance parameters


Why Go Farther, Get your tenders online!

The Bid Document Purchase Platform is an eTender platform built to enable customers to sell bid document online, Its development encompasses procurement planning stage, Tender’s approval, Publishing adverts, and sales.


Create, manage & publish tenders.

Manage sales both online and offline.

Generate reports.



The Bid Document Evaluation Platform is a post-bid submission platform developed to ease the current manual evaluation system of Bids submitted by tenderers.


Evaluation of tenders based on set criteria.

Compute Scores based on set criteria.

Saves time and increase efficiency.

Generate reports.


Reach Out to Contractors with just a click!

Nothing feels so cool like having a pool of resources at your disposal, our vendor management system ensures that all contractors and suppliers information is stored in one central location



Contractor Registration Module.

Inbuilt messaging system.

Instant online verification process.

Generate reports.

M & E


The only consolidated source of information showcasing project’s progress.


Measure & maximize the impact of projects.

Ensure project satisfies standard criteria.

Ensure optimal use of resources.

Collate & analyze data for efficiency.